Cancer Research Continues in College

I was lucky enough to become affiliated with the “Lee” lab at UNC – Chapel Hill. The lab is associated with the Medical School and School of Pharmacy. I will be researching how proteins function. This is coincidentally the direction in which my research for the past seven years was heading. Here is a copy and paste of an overview of our work and a photo of my new lab space:

“We study the role of conformational dynamics in protein function, conformational changes, enzyme catalysis, drug binding, and allostery. We use a variety of biophysical and biochemical tools, especially NMR spectroscopy. Research in the laboratory is centered on understanding the role of structural dynamics in protein function. In past decades, proteins were essentially viewed as static structures. Today, they are widely appreciated to be dynamic ensembles of interconverting structures. Such behavior can be clearly seen in proteins that undergo dramatic shape changes in different functional states. However, the effects of dynamics can also be important when the structural changes are less apparent. The ensemble nature of proteins has far-reaching implications for understanding basic natural protein functions such as ligand binding, enzyme catalysis, and allostery. An understanding of protein dynamics should lead to improvements in protein engineering and rational drug design.”

My Bench
The NMR Room
Marsico Hall, Which Houses the Lab


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